Finnish Chemical Magazine Kemia is Finland’s only professional magazine dedicated to the field of chemistry. The themes covered by the magazine include domestic and international developments in chemical and process industries, chemistry research and education, environment and safety, biotechnology, materials, plastics and packaging, and nanotechnology.

The magazine reaches an extremely wide audience of professionals in businesses and organisations of chemistry and related fields. Half of the readers work in industry and research, one third in colleges and universities. Four out of five are involved in purchasing.

There are seven print issues per year, including theme issues. The print issue has over 10,000 readers and the e-Newsletter over 4,600 subscribers.

According to reader polls…


of the readers are happy with the contents of the magazine


find the magazine interesting and professional


of the readers are interested in research and innovations, 97% in environmental issues


read every issue, 83% read every issue for at least 30 minutes


of the readers has a positive or a neutral attitude to advertisements

Source: Focus Master Oy, Innolink Research Oy



The magazine is membership publication of The Society of Finnish Chemists, The Society of Finland’s Chemical Engineers, and The Society of Swedish Chemists in Finland. These chemical societies and the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland are the owners of the magazine.

The publisher of the Finnish Chemical Magazine is Kempulssi Ltd, a private company which has published the magazine since 2002. The company’s main partner and CEO is Editor-in-Chief Leena Joutsen.

Suomen Ammattimedia SUOMA Oy belongs to the same group of companies as Kempulssi. SUOMA publishes Finnish Circular Economy News, a special magazine for the circular economy, recycling, re-use and waste management in Finland.