Finnish Chemical Media (Kemiamedia) is a reputable online publication dedicated to chemistry and related fields.


Topics covered by Finnish Chemical Media include developments in chemical and process industries, chemistry research and education, environment and safety, biotechnology, materials, plastics and packaging, and nanotechnology.

Finnish Chemical Media reaches a wide audience of professionals in businesses and organisations of chemistry and related fields. Half of the readers work in industry and research, one third in colleges and universities. Four out of five are involved in purchasing.

The Finnish Chemical Media website at kemiamedia.fi attracts over 5,500 visitors, 7,000 visits and 30,000 viewings per month.

The Finnish Chemical Media weekly newsletter has over 3,000 subscribers.

According to reader polls…


of the readers are satisfied with the Finnish Chemical Media contents


regard the advertisements in Finnish Chemical Media as useful


of the working readers are involved in procurement


hold an expert or management position at work


 have read our newsletter for five years or longer

Source: Focus Master Oy, Innolink Research Oy