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Finnish Chemical Media (Kemiamedia) is a reputable online publication dedicated to chemistry and related fields.

Finnish Chemical Media reaches a wide audience of professionals in businesses and organisations of chemistry and related fields. Half of the readers work in industry and research, one third in colleges and universities. Four out of five are involved in purchasing. Read more.

Advertisement Options and Rates 2023


Website advertisements

  • Our new website has proved to be a success.
  • The site attracts over 8,000 visits, over 6,000 visitors and over 32,000 viewings per month.

Box banners

  • The side banners are shown on the right hand side of each child page at every viewing, in random order changing from page to page.
  • 1 month EUR 390, 2 months EUR 750, 3 months EUR 990, 6 months EUR 1,690. (Banner layout for extra charge EUR 40.)
  • Size 600 x 500 px, format JPG, PNG or GIF.

Advertorials and partner blogs

  • Reach over 15,000 contacts for EUR 1,150.
  • Place on the front page for a month after which the advertorial/blog will be moved to the advertorial page, where the text is also easily found through the key words.
  • Price includes newsletter delivery (a place in three newsletters) to over 3,000 recipients, text editing and a newsletter lead.
  • See a sample advertorial on website and in a newsletter.
  • How to begin? Just provide us a 2,000–4,000 character text + 1–2 pictures. We are happy to make the article ready-to-publish.



  • Top banners catch the reader’s eye first on both laptop screen and mobile. Price EUR 650.
  • Full-width text and picture advertisement amongst news items EUR 650.

Take advantage of the quantity discounts:

  • 2 ads EUR 615/pc
  • 3 ads EUR 600/pc
  • 4 ads EUR 585/pc
  • 5 ads EUR 570/pc
  • 6 ads EUR 555/pc

See for the newsletter calendar here:

Newsletters 2023


Direct emails

  • Super effective direct emails are delivered to the newsletter subscribers. The whole message is reserved for your content solely.
  • See samples of direct emails:
    Event marketing
    Product/service marketing
    Recruitment advertisement
  • Price EUR 1,390 includes layout and follow-up report.
  • On request, get a list of the clickers’ domains for an extra charge EUR 50.


We are happy to help:

Sales Manager Seija Kuoksa
Tel. +358 40 827 9778

Sales Manager Jaana Koivisto
+358 40 770 3043

Managing Director Leena Joutsen
Tel. +358 40 577 8850


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